Desperate teen takes jab so she can socialize again

By Shannon Andruchiw | Creston, British Columbia | October 19, 2022

On December 7, 2021 my 16 your old daughter texted me and said mom I’m getting the vaccine. She knew I was against it. I even lost my registered nurse job over it. But she was so isolated as all the unvaccinated were and the pressures of being a teenager was too much to bear. She just wanted to go to a hockey game or a movie with her friends. I texted her back saying I will pray for her. She received one dose of Pfizer. The stupid vaccine nurse sent her away within five minutes which is against policy. You must wait 15 minutes for observation. Within 10 minutes she started having a racing heart and dizziness and not feeling well. Over the days she developed severe chest pain and was unable to stand. She could not tolerate any sort of exertion. Her heart would race and she would become very dizzy and short of breath with even very slow walking. We took her to emergency in Creston. I asked our family doctor who was at the hospital what the scoop was with her. He said I don’t know I’m off shift now but it’s not the vaccine. Say what? I didn’t even ask you-is what I was thinking. And this man used to be a pastor And is apparently a Christian!!How disgraceful. They ran lots of tests over our couple of visits and basically said she was fine- even though when she wore her Holter monitor for 24 hours her heart raised up to 175 beats a minute. She continued to have symptoms of chest pain shortness of breath and dizziness and exercise intolerance and to this day still has some mild symptoms. We have been seeing a naturopath for support.

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