Coincidence or Causation

By Connie Lupichuk | Penticton, British Columbia | November 10, 2022

On April 12, 2021, I had my first Pfizer vaccination as a proponent of vaccination. Apart from having. a tender injection site, I felt fine. O
On April 19, 2021, I suffered my first brain bleed. I mentioned to the paramedic and emergency doctor that I had been vaccinated a week earlier. The ER doctor assured me it was not a vaccine injury because I had a bleed and not a clot. The Dr. questioned how long I had been dealing with high blood pressure and I told him, never, that in fact, I tended to be on the low end. I spent 8 days in the Kelowna neurology ward and I was sent home. A few hours after discharge I had a larger bleed and was rushed back to the hospital and eventually flown to Vancouver for emergency brain surgery.
They found a pre-existing tiny aneurysm that ruptured. When I spoke to the surgeon inquiring whether the vaccine contributed he could not say that it did not play a role in the rupture. I am concerned that the vaccine elevated my blood pressure which in turn ruptured a small aneurysm. The brain bleed was never reported as an adverse effect. I did inform the health nurse who called to book a subsequent vaccination that I had experienced a brain bleed shortly after the first vaccination.

I can’t say for sure the vaccination contributed to the rupture of my aneurysm, the fact that it ruptured so soon after the vaccination is very suspicious. Since then I have heard of others who after the Pfizer vaccine died from a brain bleed.

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