Child denied Unvaxx Blood

By samantha monaghan | East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia | December 22, 2022

Hi there ,

My story is still pretty raw. 12 weeks ago My child was having a check up for a swollen arm I took him to IWK IN Halifax NS,

They found out he had low haemoglobin you see LUC has a rare genetic condition so rare he’s the only one in CANADA with this
condition called Fumarate Deficiency exceedingly rare autosomal recessive metabolic disorder in the kerb’s cycle, characterized by a deficiency of the enzyme fumarate hydratase, which causes a build-up of fumaric acid in the urine and a deficiency of malate. LUCS levels were 6000 incompatible with life.

Or so I was told that wasn’t true he lived 11 long years as a man that has a degree in naturopathy medicine I did the best I could do, given the information I was given , I treated him with herbs, natural foods and travelled the world trying to find a cure for my child ,
none was found , And that was ok I carried on WITH healthy alterative therapies and carried on the best I COULD .,
LUC never had child hood vaccines and we stayed away from meds that would harm his KREB cycle anymore. In AUG when we found out his haemoglobin was 26 which by the way medical records were never given to me to even see that test result. I was able to rally 300 0 positive Donors PLUS myself was a match for my child all request was denied for DONORS blood ,. by IWK and Blood clinic LUC was given 6 units of god knows what over a 7 day period LUCS organs , heart , blood work everything was checked before this blood was given everything came back normal his salts were a little down and B12 not by much .
LUC lived on a raw healthy organic diet to stop his seizures and keep them away but seemed to always have issues with IRON stores even when adding iron into his diet.

We tired many many different approaches to his diet and it seemed nothing would put weight on this child . but I found a DR IN USA and also worked in Mexico and was able to send his blood work down to her , we found out he had parasites and Candida
WOW we are finely getting some where I bought the herbs, supplement’s and started on my journey .

But sadly LUC passed in my arms NOV 21 same day died Suddenly was released he couldn’t speak but he sure spoke volumes to me
We were sitting like me do must night he looked at me gave me the biggest smile and just left his body , he never turned blue , he just stopped blinking no pulse no nothing , We did CPR for 30 minutes before the Ambulance even decided to show up ,

But it was too late my child was long gone and thanks to the one thing I tried to keep him safe from was the one thing that took him away from me, I was a big player in the freedom community and have fought this fight for 3 long years. Only to lose my battle on the battle field fighting for human rights had my back turned and before I knew it I was told my CHILD was taken . . My heart is broken in a million tiny fragment’s of guilt and I still blame myself till this day . ,

My promise to my child is ill never put my sword down and I will breathe my last breath DEFENDING his name and honouring his death by the medical system that they took a oath to do no harm but hasn’t lived up to anything they stand for.

Thank you for listening to a mothers cry for justice



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