By DEB MORIN | HINTON, Alberta | November 2, 2022

Thank goodness I trusted my gut feeling and did not get vaxxed! However, all of my family did, and they have all suffered from the vax. My daughter-in-law has had a miscarriage and is now pregnant again and it is a high-risk pregnancy as she is placenta previa and she has been bleeding the entire pregnancy! My father has growths on his skin. My mom has swollen arm that has needed medical treatment for 3 months and is still working to get it back to normal. All of them have been sicker with the Flu/covid – not sure which as not tested. I on the other hand have not been sick through this entire event. I heard conquer and divide from the get-go and they sure have tried hard to do that. Thanks goodness my family accepted me unvaxxed through the pressure cooker times to get vaxxed. Now they all are regretting the vaccine. The truth will come to the light as it should. I love what you are doing and will pass this website on to others so they can tell their story. The evolution of war – started with a rock, then bow and arrow, then the bullet, then the missile and now the needle – people need to wake up before humanity is wiped out. The government is at war with the needle and not too many people realized this!!!

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