Allergy to the vaccines first and second dose.

By Alejandra Gauthier | Mission, British Columbia | February 8, 2022

I presently work for the federal government and as a requirement to work at the airport I was pressured to get my first and second COVID-19 vaccine, without these two vaccines I would be terminated. My employer knew that I had severe allergies to antibiotics and vaccinations and denied my medical exception letter from my doctor. In order to make it in the deadline of my 1st vaccination my doctor recommended that I get it done at the hospital. At the hospital my first dose was Moderna, after 10minutes I experience shortness of breath, low blood pressure, nauseous, cold sweats, this resulted in me staying an additional three hours until I felt better and was released. I return back to work with another note from my doctor and their suggestion was to see an allergist, one month later I got Pfizer at an allergist office and I had another reaction from my vaccine, Immediately after my vaccine was administered I experienced Extreme tachycardia which resulted in me having to stay for two hours so that the physician and nurses could monitor me on the ECG. I’ve still had these symptoms almost three months later & I was told from the doctor that no one is exempt from getting the vaccinations! I felt so vulnerable, no one should be forced to get vaccinated and dangel their careers over their heads. I worked so hard to be a screening officer to just give it up, but I regret ever moment of it! Never ever will I be forced to get another vaccination again!!


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