A big mistake but trying to live beyond it.

By Barbara | Duncan, British Columbia | January 10, 2022

Hi: I am a 73 year old athlete who got a mild case of asthma at the age 69. I had it under control but decided to get the Pfizer jab in April 2021 as I was warned that if I got covid I would not fare well. Initially, I just had the usual side effects – sore arm at injection site and a bit tired – but as the days went on my asthma became harder to keep under control and even upping the steroid inhaler dose didn’t help. I now have to carry my rescue inhaler wherever I go and I’m constantly coughing up mucous even when I’m not active. I’m still able to run, hike and bike but I now have to take breaks to catch my breath and then use my rescue inhaler. Also, after my first jab I got a rash on one of my buttocks and was told I had herpes simplex😳. Just to note; I have been faithfully ✝️ married for 34 years and have NEVER had herpes and neither has my husband. My doctor basically shamed me and told me to go to a “clinic” and register!!! Also, a side note, since that one time, I have not had a reoccurring “rash”. He has never addressed that these adverse effects could be from the vaccine. I also get still get injection site pain which is constant and getting more pronounced. I did get the second jab as I wanted to visit my grandchildren who live in another country but that’s not going to happen as I won’t be getting the “booster” nor the “vaxport”.

I have been blessed with many years enjoying this life that I have been given. To anyone who reads this, please think very seriously about getting this vaccine. Do your research and listen to the experts who are not associated with pharmaceutical companies. I wish I had.

I, and probably like so many others, never thought we would be spending our retirement years this way but for me faith in Jesus Christ is getting me through these uncertain times.


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