Pericarditis – severe pain for 9 weeks

By Colin Boreham | 150 Mile House, British Columbia | March 31, 2022

Two of my immediate family members suffered strokes after their second AZ jabs in the UK so I was very cautious about having the jab.
Unfortunately the situation in BC with mandates etc. made it almost impossible to find work without being vaccinated.
I had a long conversation with my family doctor who told me the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are much safer than AZ and he hadn’t heard of any adverse reactions from these two products.
I took his advice and got the Moderna jab.
Two days after the second jab I had chest pains and difficulty breathing and partial loss of sensation in my left hand. These symptoms got worse over the next few days so I went to the local hospital ER where they diagnosed Pericarditis and sent me home with a prescription for Naproxen – up to 1000mg per day. This helped with the symptoms but it soon became clear that I needed to take more and more Naproxen to keep the pain in my chest to a bearable level. I told my family doctor that my condition was getting worse and he said ‘keep taking the naproxen’. after two more weeks I was having to take 1600mg of naproxen to keep the pain down to a level that enabled me to function. I told my doctor this and his response was the same.
After nearly two months of this I was getting desperate and feared my life was in danger. I was sure I wasn’t going to make it to my next birthday which was about 6 weeks time. I was lucky enough to be invited to a meeting with Drs Hoffe and Malthouse who told the group about potential auto-immune conditions caused by spike proteins. They also talked about possible solutions and gave a list of non prescription medications that might help. I obtained some Ivermectin and some other medications on their list. The ivermectin gave positive results in a few hours….after 36 hours the pain and inflammation had gone. I thank Dr Hoffe and Dr Malthouse for saving my life as I’m sure I wouldn’t be alive now if I’d taken BC Interior Health’s advice. I”ve since received a letter from BC.CDC saying they’d updated my medical records to say ‘suspected pericarditis following 2nd Moderna dose. Chest pains for 10 days. Suggest booster dose of Pfizer’. I wrote back explaining that my records should show 9 weeks of severe pain and I will not be taking another dose of any covid vaccine.

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