51 Year Old Brother’s Brain Aneurysm Sick from Shedding

By Robyn | Hamilton, Ontario | May 26, 2022

My 51 yo healthy brother just collapsed with a brain aneurysm today May 2022, he was found unconscious and is in the hospital, he may not make it. I warned him over a year ago not to get the shot.

Myself, I got VERY sick from shedding alone. I knew this was all a sham from March 2020. The small town I am in started getting shots in May 2021. Shortly after I felt like I had something stuck at the top of my throat for 3 weeks. Then I was hands on for 2 hrs with a patient, when I had vowed not to treat any, and also in the hospital for 3 hrs with my husband for kidney stones where they are fogging chemicals freely and everyone is vexed and handled my phone unfortunately. Two weeks later I had such a bad reaction, coughing for 4 hours straight! Not one minute of respite. I was spitting up phlegm into a cup in bed or into the sink. I was vomiting from the coughing, at times could not breath at all. Very scary. If I believed in hospitals I would have gone. Two hot showers, pounding on back, colloidal silver nasally, honey…nothing worked. Until I remembered my homeopathic remedies. The one I muscle tested for was not a cough remedy but silicea which pushes foreign bodies out, and also for vaccinosis. I tested that I had to take it every 10 minutes for an hour. My coughing stopped. We also unplugged the wifi and have never used it again. Anytime I was near cell, wifi, bluetooth my coughing up phlegm would begin immediately. Obviously responding to the graphene oxide I got through shedding and who knows what else – which is how they want it to work. This went on for 3 months. Only through many supplements and daily detox baths and avoiding EMFs (wifi, cell phones, towers, bluetooth) did it finally stop. EMFs alone are killing everyone already, please research this! We have wired ethernet and keep phones off.
Almost everyone I know that is not jabbed, has gotten sick from shedding. Two people for 3 weeks, both lost 30lbs. A patient had spots on her hands and legs and feet and red eyes for months, which I have heard from another person as well. It will be different for every person depending on what their weakness is in their body.

Vaccine shedding is a real thing with normal ‘vaccines’ which this is not – this is meant to spread. You can vaccinate one puppy in a litter and the rest will test positive for antibodies for those diseases simply from the shedding from their sibling.

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