27 year old healthy female with ongoing symptoms due to vaccine

By Danika Payne | Kelowna, British Columbia | February 8, 2022

After my first vaccine (Pfizer) I expierienced swelling in my arm. So intense that my arm was black and blue and I went to emergency and had multiple IV to run fluids through my body, after that initial symptom I began having chest pains periodically at random times throughout the weeks leading up to my 2nd dose. 12 hours after my 2nd dose I had the heaviest menstral cycle with clots the size of both my palms together, after my 2nd dose I have been having more intense chest pains, shortness of breath and I have fainted several times in public and at home. I sometimes get blurred vision and extreme fatigue. As well as to present day I will get intense chest pains at random times, sometimes so bad I lose consciousness. Prior to being vaccinated I have never had any of these symptoms in my life. I have been to emergency more times since getting vaccinated than I have prior to.

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