2 TIA’s, heart issues, and new onset Rheumatoid and Psoriatic arthritis within months of 1 moderna vaccine shotshot

By Steve | Niagara Region, Ontario | December 22, 2022

I held out for almost 2 years but in June of 2022 before the flying mandates were suspended and after the truckers convoy was illegally removed, i needed to fly at the end of the year. I broke down and took a single dose of Moderna vaccine on June 4 2022 in an effort to save my marriage.

In the first week of July of 2022 i had two transient ischemic attacks two days apart, my lower blood pressure number hit the roof, and my heart rate would jump above 120 bpm and stay there for hours.

Within a month of the TIA’s the joint pain and swelling had started first in a knee then spread to both knees, both hips, both shoulders, both elbows and the left hand. I went from fully functional to unable to do daily common tasks like opening a bottle or squeezing toothpaste out of the tube or even closing my hand to a fist, with days on end where i could barely walk at all.

By the end of July i went from taking no daily medications to taking ASA 81mg and Perindopril Erbumine 4mg daily for the stroke and heart issues. I had to wait almost three months to see a heart specialist who just completed a profusion scan, ecg and 14 day recorder which i won’t see results until January. It seem i now have sinus tachycardia at rates above 120bpm for hours in a day and atrial flutter/fibrillation issues with my heart so I am sure the followup is going to add even more medications to the list.

My doctor ordered ultrasounds of my joints in August, they are scheduled for the end of December and March of 2023. This wait put in emergency three weeks ago because i could no longer use my hands, walk, or get out of a chair at all if i sat too long, so waiting months for tests was no longer an option. Hospital tests after an 11 hour wait confirmed high inflammation markers and suspected arthritis. I was referred to a rheumatoid specialist.

It took three weeks to get to the specialist, in that three weeks i went from almost no use of the left hand, and full use of the right hand, to almost no use of both hands, in three weeks the inflammation had spread from the left hand to a mirror of the condition on the right hand.

Today i was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and Psoriatic arthritis in almost every joint in my body. I can not longer sleep with out waking in pain, i can no longer move like I did before June 2022, I am in severe pain daily and watching my mobility at 55 go from fully functional to barely moving in months.

I took the first dose of prednisone today, and I am now waiting for baseline blood test results so i can be put on either Methotrexate or Leflunomide.

There is zero medical history on either side of my family for this disease I found out yesterday that a cousin of mine who is younger, who took 2 moderna vaccine shots, was diagnosed yesterday with Rheumatoid arthritis and is waiting for a specialist in another province after he started getting almost the exact symptoms as i did withing a month of the 2nd shot he took, starting in a knee and moving to the hands with inability to grip anything.

I had an existing autoimmune skin disorder, vitiligo and when asked, my doctor refused to give me an exception to mandates, refused to acknowledge the natural antibodies in my blood after blood work proved i had them and insisted that having an existing autoimmune disorder was a FURTHER REASON I SHOULD TAKE THE VACCINE.

The same doctor has not seen me in person for two years, only allowing virtual phone calls when i call for appointments.

I have had natural antibodies in my blood for TWO YEARS as i force him to test and i pay for the blood work every 6 months. It wasn’t until the first blood test after the single shot of moderna which show natural antibodies AND greater than 2500 units per milliliter of spike protein antibodies that my health took a bee line to the bottom where i am now.

I went from completely healthy with no medications to completely fucked within 3 months of a single moderna shot, and i wonder now if one day I am going to be another sudden death like the ones we see everyday.

I am angry now, i no longer blame myself. I WAS LIED to by my doctor, the government and the vaccine pharma companies. I see the postings where they listed TIA and RA as side effects in 2021 and HIDE THE INFORMATION from the public.

If you are thinking about taking this vaccine know this, these side effects are REAL, the side effects will destroy your life, and they are NOT providing the true INFORMED CONSENT you have a right to,before you make any decision about putting this experiment in your body.

The medical establishment in Canada is criminal, i can say now if a single doctor offers me a euthanasia shot to easy my pain, they will fucking regret it. I don’t have anything else to lose at this point, my life is destroyed my future is gone, and they all knew it could happen and lied.

It’s worth the pain to type this to stop others from being harmed by the covid vaccine like me.

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