Employer Threatens Pregnant Woman

By Withheld Withheld | , Ontario | October 7, 2021

My name is (removed by TAC editor) I work with WITHIN the Home and
Community Care Services. There is a mandatory vaccination policy at
my work called Directive 6 by the government .
I submitted a Medical Exemption. My medical exemption was about my
high-risk pregnancy and the fact I have an APS marker for a
blood-clotting disorder that might have caused my previous 2 early
losses in pregnancy. I am on a blood thinner injection everyday and
aspirin and i believe that is why this pregnancy is going well. My
medical exemption was signed by family doctor requesting a temporary
vaccination exemption until the pregnancy is successful. My
workplace basically denied me and said a further review is needed and
they contracted their own Occupational health doctor and they are
asking my permission to share my consent to disclose my health
information and consult with my family doctor. I will be refusing to
give my consent by October 6 to bully my doctor or myself. An
occupational health doctor’s interests are diseases in the workplace.
I will not be giving consent to an outside third party. When I don’t
comply they will most likely follow up with their threats which is
“progressive disciplinary leave of absence unpaid or and termination.
Here is the email they sent to me. I spoke to my union, they were
shocked and did not know they contracted a doctor and they will reply
to me sometime today with more information on what I can do.

Hello ….

We have reviewed your certificate requesting COVID-19 vaccination
exemption based on medical reasons. The medical provided does not
clearly provide grounds for exemption based on the requirements of
Directive 6 issued by the Chief Medical officer of Health on August
17, 2021. Further medical review is required in order to appropriately
evaluate the exemption. Accordingly, we have enclosed the COVID-19
Vaccination Medical Exemption Request Review Form for you to complete
and return. We will provide this form to our contracted Occupational
Health Physician. This will allow the contracted Occupational Health
Physician and your treating healthcare Professional(s) that you have
identified in the form to communicate, in order to provide us with an
opinion on whether:

* The medical exemption should be accepted on a temporary basis and
specific time frame,
* The medical exemption should be accepted on a permanent basis,
* The medical exemption should be denied, on the basis of Directive 6
and other relevant factors.

If you choose not to provide your consent, or do not return this form
by October 6, 2021 end of day, you must comply with the Home and
Community Care Support Services COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and may be
subject to progressive discipline up to and including an unpaid leave
and/or termination.

As a reminder, while the medical is being evaluated, you are required
to continue with Rapid Antigen Screening.

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