Sense of Taste Destroyed and Constant Depression

Ann Fortier

First Dose of Pfizer on 01/11/22

Second Dose of Pfizer on 02/01/22


63 yrs old

Work gave us notice to get the vaccine or get tested weekly, so I gave in and got the vaccine. I’m sorry I did it. The day after the 2nd shot, the court made the decision that we did not have to do that.

After the 1st shot, I was fine. After the 2nd shot, Feb 1, 2022, it started with a metallic taste that came and went, then it would change to bittersweet, a dirt taste, then a chemical taste most of the time. I had a dry mouth. Since Feb 28th, 2022, the chemical taste has been constant. Food and water taste awful. I have an on and off ache in my left ear. Now it’s starting to get worse at the end of March, 2022. I’m depressed. I don’t go out, don’t cook food. It is awful. There is no enjoyment. No one understands this.

I have been to my PCP, gastrointestinal specialist, neurologist, ENT, endocrinologist, and holistic doctor. They can’t help and they do believe it can be from vaccine.

VAERS, Pfizer and the CDC. VAERS, after 6 weeks of calling me weekly to check, said at this point there is permanent damage. I’m afraid of what else will pop up from this shot. I try to find others this has happened to from the vaccine and have found around five so far, from all over.

This should be a reported side effect, even if very rare. If I knew this, I would never have gotten this vaccine. It changed my life and not for the better. It has caused me depression and sadness.