Worst Decision Ever



I am bed ridden. I cannot sit. I struggle to stand, walk. I am completely dependent and in non stop pain every second of every day.

On a daily basis the muscles from my waist down will spasm like a labor contraction, leaving me frozen in pain, constant aching, my skin is numb, but hurts to touch. I have knives and glass shards stabbing my joints, shin bones, calves and thighs. I have allergies I never had before. It may have kicked me into early menopause, I was born with epilepsy and I’m scared it will activate seizures again. If the MIS goes to my brain I could die. I haven’t been able to be with my kids and it is breaking my heart. My family and I are suffering greatly, physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s hard to admit such devastating weakness and the need for help. But I am still suffering and not healed and I know it’s time to lay aside pride, shame, embarrassment, fear, insecurity and humbly ask for help and accept help. SO many of you have already reached out wanting to help me – THANK YOU!

Early on I found the grace to stay positive, smile, laugh, be happy and experience joy; even so, I still cry every day, multiply times a day, I fight despair, depression, hopelessness and feeling overwhelmed. It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable to admit how much more help I need to get the recommended treatments. I’ve been blessed by Sean Rundl @PremiereChiroOC to have my chiropractic care donated until I get well; but I still need to pursue recommended IV Flush treatments, Toxin flush protocols, supplement protocols, possible back surgery, along with deductibles, copays, medications, detox treatments and quite honestly so many little things I need every day that all add up. On top of all this, I need to find a new home conducive to my rehabilitation. Where I live is not set up for someone that can’t walk or move easily.