Pfizer Strikes In U.K Again…


On June 18th 2021, my life turned upside down. I made the decision to have my first Pfizer vaccine and I’m still suffering from the side effects.

Three days after receiving my first vaccination, I woke up and could no longer walk. Scared and terrified, I sobbed into the phone to my boyfriend and parents who convinced me to call 111. I received a call back within ten minutes and had a hospital appointment within the hour. The doctor thought I had Guillan-Barre Syndrome — something I later found out you can die from. The doctor admitted me to QMC and told me I’d probably be staying a while.

Three days, several neurologists, x-rays, blood tests, prods, pokes, and a Zimmer frame later, I was free to go. My diagnosis? Functioning Neurological Disorder or FND. I got discharged with zero aftercare and got told that practicing mindfulness and doing yoga would fix me. Six weeks later and I’m still no better because I had something injected into me that I thought would bring us that inch bad to normality.

If I could turn back time, I would but I think it’s important to share my story. I am in no way anti-vaxx but I think to say FND is caused, in my case by pre-vaccination stress is absolutely comical. What I have is no joke and I will no longer be silenced.

Love to anyone who reads this and chooses kindness.

Little did I know that on June 18th 2021, the  fateful day I took my first Pfizer vaccine, my life would be as it is now. Nor did I imagine having to visit a disability shop at the age of thirty-one with my mum to buy a rollator disability walker, whom I’ve named Roly the rollator, to help me walk properly.

I was a happy, healthy person and I really loved where my life was headed but that has all changed. I am hopeful that I won’t be like this forever. Time is a big healer but at the same time, I can’t help but think what my life was like pre-vaccination when I didn’t have to talk in code for fear of being fact checked or deleted. When I didn’t have to wonder if my body could cope with doing a food shop. When I found a job halfway around the world, booked a flight, and headed off solo. Everything is great in hindsight and boy am I glad I lived the fullest life possible in my twenties. I’m also glad to have the support of most of my family, friends, and boyfriend.

My thirties so far has seen a new chapter, a harder one but one I have no doubt in which I will overcome. My job now is to shout as loud as I can to see justice for what this vaccine has done to me and so many other people all over the world. For some people, the vaccine is and will be fine but for others, it is not and we deserve to be recognised, not gaslit, ignored, censored, and shoved under the carpet. Not today. Not ever!