Another Jab Another Victim…

To whom it may concern…

I understand you are seeking to compile a list of adverse reactions which people have experienced, following receiving the Covid 19 vaccines. I’m sure I am not unlike many others who have been impacted, but have felt that since it is impossible to give conclusive evidence of the relationship to the vaccine, I have chosen to be silent.
As we hear the stories of others that bear striking similarities to our own, it does make us willing to speak up.
I received my first Pfizer vaccine in April, 2021, and about a week later I realized I had a strange subdural rash, pinkish, in areas all over my torso, which was extremely itchy. As the weeks went by with little relief, I considered that it might be related to the vaccine. I held off getting the second vaccine, but after several months, I thought I should go for it. In June, 2021, I went in thinking I would question the nurse first, to hear if others were having my symptoms and know if there might be a relationship to the vaccine. When she got to the question, have you had any unexplained rashes, I answered yes. Unfortunately, before we could discuss it, the needle was in at the same time as she was saying, there is no relationship to the vaccine. This time, I was given the Moderna vaccine.
After several months with the rash, I did make a doctor’s appointment and was seen by one doctor who was puzzled enough to bring in a second doctor, followed by a third doctor, all looking at my strange rash, which was a purplish colour at that point. They all concurred it was unusual, but definitely not related to the vaccine.
It is almost a year since it’s onset, and I’m thankful to report that the itch is mostly gone and the spots are now a light brown, so I am hopeful that it is leaving my body.
It was within a week or two of the second vaccine, that I noticed my heart was acting strange, erratic, and racing. I have always been very active, so it was disconcerting, to say the least. I have since seen a doctor, worn a heart monitor, had an ECG and ultrasound of my heart, ruling out myocarditis and pericarditis. Apparently, my heart valve is sluggish, but not bad enough to warrant surgery, thankfully.
Of course, my doctor assured me there was no relationship to the vaccine. When I mentioned how difficult it is to breath with a mask on when my heart is racing and wondered if she would give me an exemption, she said it wasn’t warranted.
I am still waiting to be seen by a cardiologist, but I’m hopeful that my heart is improving, as the erratic symptoms are becoming less frequent. However, my resting heart rate is still well above what it was previous to the vaccine, and it tends to beat much faster when exercising, than before the vaccine.
I am hopeful that my symptoms will soon be a distant memory.

Grateful for each new day,

Shirley L