Stop The Insanity

I travelled back from Mexico December 6th and was quarantined. Border control shared my vaccination status with Health Canada representatives. I had a Negative PCR test and didn’t display any symptoms. My wife is Vaccinated and we did everything together for 5 weeks of our vacation. The health representative said she didn’t need to quarantine because she was vaccinated. Once he said that, I replied that he was therefore punishing me and that discrimination whether it was the colour of my skin or what flows through me veins it is discrimination. I later read the quarantine act fully and the health reps had no business asking me for my vaccination status. They could only judge me by a physical examination that doesn’t include entering the body. As I had no symptoms and a negative PCR I can only assume they use the Vaccination status obtained by Border control which does not form part of the quarantine act therefore obtained unlawfully. Just my thoughts.

Tony Di Battista