Family Divisions Caused By Bio-Terrorism

I have faced discrimination and ostracism over my decision to stand for my Rights and Freedoms including not wearing masks and refusing to get jabbed from family as well as medical professionals. I had a necessary surgery scheduled and received threatening and harassing phone calls saying if I didn’t consent to a covid test my surgery could be cancelled. I had to cancel the surgery in the end due to not having a safe and secure place to recover when my father no longer allowed me and my spouse to stay on his land because we refused to get vaccinated, even though he had previously told me it would be no issue when we were selling our house.
It distresses me greatly to see this happening to our once great country. We are on the brink of Nazi Canada Regime and I never would have conjured I’d see the loss of our freedoms in my lifetime, certainly not to this extent.
Thank you for taking action.